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Growth of Salmon Fish_**

OwhOo... ini assigment aku sem lepas...
Statistik Engineering.
so..sape2 yg ade masalah nak buat bole lah rujuk dokument aku ni...

walaupun tak perfek sangat tapi boleh la dapat 9.5/10
ni pown memang aku banyak refer dari grOup Hanis punye assigment.
sebab kalau ikutkan mmg xboleh dapat la 9/10 cmtu.

link download : GROWTH OF SALMON FISH

ni review sal assigment aku...

Assignment Task

Salmon fisheries support a primary industry in Alaska and their management is of high priority. Salmon are born in freshwater rivers and streams, but then swim out into the ocean for a few years before returning to spawn and die. In order to identify the origins of mature fish and equably divide the catch of returning salmon between Alaska and the Canadian provinces, researchers have studied the growth of their scales. The growth the first year in freshwater is measured by the width of the growth rings for the period of life, and marine growth is measured by the width of the growth rings for the first year in the ocean environment. The scales are
first magnified 100 times and then the measurements are made in hundredths of an inch. A set of the measurement, collected by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, are given in Table A. (Courtesy of K. Jensen and B. Van Alen.)

Use Excel or some other software program to regress the marine growth on freshwater growth.

Do separate regression analyses for:

a) All fish.
b) Males.
c) Females.

Your analysis should include (i) a scatter diagram, (ii) a fitted line, (iii) a determination if 1 differs from zero.

Also (iv) find a 95% confidence interval for the population mean when the freshwater growth is 100.

1. Form a group of 4 or 5 students.
2. Conduct the analyses in group and write a report of your finding. Manual calculations are not required.
3. The format of the report should include abstract, introduction, methods, results, discussion, conclusion and references.
4. A complete report compose of (i) assignment report, (ii) meeting minutes report, (iii) filled individual peer assessment form must be submitted to lecturer before 31 October 2010.


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